MegaURL - Url Shortener and monetization for Xenforo version 1.0 will support:

  • Create a download page such as a svit or vnxf that supports double-side ads
  • Automatically excludes the image from the shortened link, which only works with the download file
  • Configure the API integration of the system to reduce the monetization link
  • The Regex option to categorize the internal path needs to be reduced (if it's a xenforo attachment, the path / attachments / will be shortened).
  • Supports configuration of domain exclusions from the shortened link system And more ...
Published on: 10/26/17, 9:09 AM is a URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue.

Our members fall into two different categories, Publishers and Advertisers.

Published on: 8/28/17, 1:14 AM

To be able to view an megaurl link and it's destination URL, we require that an advert shown.

We are an advertising network and our Publishers use this revenue in order to monetize their websites and provide their users with content.

Published on: 8/28/17, 1:09 AM

To register in megaurl please click the 'MY ACCOUNT' button on our homepage:

Published on: 8/27/17, 5:45 PM